Draw a face may seem intimidating but once you understand the fundamentals you will end up draw faces in no time.

The shape of the head consist of a combination of a circle and oval. These two shape end of form an upside egg.

The next step is now where the features such as the eyes, nose, lips, and lay on the face. This is where facial proportion comes into play. The first thing you should do is divide the face in half and then break it up into three sections as shown below

The eyes fall in the middle line of the face with the corner of the eyes align with the outer nostrils of the nose.

You can then add the lips which align with the middle part of the eyes.

You can then finish the face by adding eyebrows eyeslashes and the ears which the top parts align with the base of the eyebrows.

Once you put all the features together you now have a face!

Need more practice? Access the How To Draw A Face workbook that includes step by step instructions and traceables. Now available in the Resource Library here along with more guides and coloring pages.

Happy Creating!